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Creative and Custom Metal Products

Let your imagination run wild!

Not only do we produce a spectacular range of metal cards, we can also produce other creative and custom metal products such as metal equpiment tags, metal name plates, compiance plates, machinery tags, bookmarks, dog tags, key rings, product tags, luggage tags, wedding bombenieres and wedding favours, metal VIP cards, invitations and much more! 

// Metal Equipment Tags, Metal Name Plates and Metal Machinery Tags 

Metal Cards offers a wide range of custom durable stainless steel metal tags and plates for equipment tags, name plates and machinery tags. We are able to customise each tag with sequential numbering, unique data, barcodes or QR codes. Custom cut-through holes can be incorporated to ensure that you can fix your tag or plate to your product with ease. Applications include: valve tags, serial number tags, chain tags, instruction panels, brand identification, instruction panels, control panels, machine rating plates, dials and scales.   Contact us for a quote here.

// Metal Compliance Plates, Certification Tags, Safety Tags and Warranty Tags

We provide a high quality and durable solution for compliance plates, certification tags, safety tags and warranty tags. Our tags can be fully customised with variable information such as sequential numbering, variable data and barcodes. Perfect for trailers, boat trailers, safety products, appliances, switchboards and loads more.  Contact us for a quote here.

// Metal Military Dog Tags

Wear your brand and make it visible with a custom stainless steel metal dog tag. Metal dog tags are perfect for events, businesses and promotional gifts. View prices now.

// Metal Book Marks

Metal custom bookmarks are the ideal way to show off your brand and leave a lasting impression. Metal bookmarks are perfect for corporate gifts, promotional giveaways, special events, fundraising events and more. Contact us for a quote here.

// Metal Key Tags and Metal Key Tags

Reinforce your brand with a custom stainless steel metal key ring or ley tag. Key tags are perfect for a variety of different uses such as corporate and promotional gifts and loyalty tags. Contact us for a quote here.

// Metal Tags and Metal Product Tags

Never be forgotten with a metal tag or metal product tag. Stainless steel tags can be used for a wide variety of uses such as product tags, luggage tags, jewellery tags, pet tags, equipment tags, name plates, product identification tags, gym membership key tags, club tags and more. Contact us for a quote here.

// Metal Invitations

Why not consider a custom metal wedding invitation to impress your guests? Perfect for weddings, engagements, corporate events, parties, christening and special occasions. View prices now.

// Metal Wedding Bombenieres and Metal Wedding Favours

For a special and custom wedding bomboniere solution, look no further than We can create metal bombenieres to any shape and size to suite your specifications. Some popular choices include wedding coasters, keyrings, love heart decorations, love bookmarks, tags and loads more! Contact us for a quote here.

Do you have a creative metal card or product idea and want to know whether we can make it into a reality?

We would love to hear from you! Call us on 1300 535 909 to discuss your custom job!

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Metal Equipment Tags
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Metal Product Tags
Metal Product Tags
Metal Product Tags
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Metal Bookmarks
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Metal Dog Tags
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Metal Key Tags and Key Rings
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Metal Invitations
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Metal Bookmarks
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METAL CARDS DOES IT BEST! is 100% Australian owned and operated. Metal Cards Australia is the leading provider of metal business cards and custom metal products across Australia. We are committed to exceeding your expectations each and every time!

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