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Metal Business Cards

Specialty business cards with a unique and memorable difference.

Leave your mark with an unforgettable 100% stainless steel metal business card. Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel and available in three different thicknesses, these cards are the most premium and stylish business card solution. 

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Metal Card Finish


SATIN: A smooth stainless steel finish
BRUSHED: A distinctive look with an unidirectional finish. The brushing process gives the stainless steel a pattern of very fine lines parallel to the brushing direction.


Metal Card etching


Chemical etching is the technique used to precision-etch custom artwork into the stainless steel card surface. The process uses acid to etch away unwanted metal, while a photographically prepared mask (Phototool) is used to protect the metal areas that are to remain after the etching process. The etched surface will appear lighter in colour and this contrasts with the unetched surface of the card.

Metal Card Cut-through


The chemical etching process is used to etch into the same position on the front and back of the card surface. When the two areas come into contact, the piece will fall out creating a unique and visually stimulating cut through effect. 




The silk-screen printing process is used to print solid spot coloured inks onto the stainless steel card surface (we will match to your specified spot colours). Each individual card is carefully screen-printed by hand. 



Make every card unique by number or name! Sequential numbering or personalisation can either be laser engraved or printed onto your metal card. Sequential numbering and personalisation is ideal for membership cards, invitations, dog tags, VIP cards, club cards and much more. We will ensure that your cards are numbered or personalised in your nominated numbering range, or name list. Please supply your data on a Microsoft Excel sheet when ordering.


Metal Cards Sample Pack

METAL CARDS DOES IT BEST! is 100% Australian owned and operated. Metal Cards Australia is the leading provider of metal business cards and custom metal products across Australia. We are committed to exceeding your expectations each and every time!

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